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Change Log for Mobile Smart (free)

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1.3.14 – 23 May 2016

– Update MobileESP mobile detection library – updated the Mobile ESP detection code. New support for: Windows Phone 10, Firefox OS, Ubuntu Mobile OS, Sailfish, Tizen TV, WebOS TV. Removed support for Opera Android Phone and Tablet. Updated DetectTierIphone(), DetectTierTablet(), DetectSmartphone(). See
– Remove deprecated function call to get_bloginfo()

1.3.13 – 23 May 2016

– Fix admin screen on mobile was showing mobile theme instead of desktop theme


– Fix CSS error in admin


– Fix errors in dependencies brought across from Mobile Smart Pro – compatible and tested with WordPress 4.4


– Fix debug warnings for deprecated functions


– Security fix: escape output of add_query_arg (only used in admin and ‘add switcher link’). Thanks to WordPress team for information


– Fix for undeclared plugins_url in transcoding


– Fixed some code warnings and fixed access permissions for admin page


– Debugged tablet switching code


– Fix for cookie path
– Updated Mobile ESP to latest version


Update to new admin interface, update of MobileESP, add admin option to switch theme on iPad/tablets.

Release notes


Vital Security patch (timthumb.php). Please upgrade immediately.


Added support for child themes


Bug fix where plugin was calling non existent DetectTierTouch() function.


Includes sample mobile theme – based on Mobile Boilerplate and HTML 5 Reset projects


Based detector on Mobile ESP project, meaning device detection will stay up to date with latest mobile devices


Added Manual Mobile Switcher – widget, link, and template tag.


Initial release, containing mobile device detection, body classes, and mobile tier template tags.


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Mobile Smart Pro

So much more:
  • Domain switching: redirect users to or switch theme when user arrives at (requires you to change some DNS settings)
  • Mobile Pages: mobile-specific content on the same edit screen as your main content
  • Mobile Menus: set up mobile-specific menus for simpler navigation
  • Mobile Plugins: disable selected plugins on a mobile site for speed and reduced functionality
  • Mobile Widgets: control which widgets are shown on your mobile site
  • Mobile Shortcodes: display content selectively for mobile, tablet, and desktop
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Developer tools

Making life easier for mobile site developers:
  • Template functions: to help determine which tier of mobile device (touch/smartphone/other) is viewing your site, to allow conditional content inclusion.
  • CSS Selection: Adds device and tier specific CSS selectors to the body_class, to allow conditional CSS (e.g. so in the same way you have “.single” that you can target “.iphone” or “.mobile-tier-touch”.)
  • Boilerplate mobile theme: barebones theme to enable developers to create their own theme.


  • Switch themes: Switch your theme to a mobile-ready theme if a mobile device is detected (all major devices supported)
  • Tablet or not: Choose whether to switch theme when viewing site with an iPad, Nexus 7 and other tablets.
  • "View full version of this site": allow your user to manually switch between desktop and mobile versions. Available in 3 versions: widget, option to automatically insert into footer, or template tag.
  • Simple image transcoding
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