There’s a good article on DeviceAtlas which is discussing the growth of Android versus iOS for web traffic. It’s noticeable however that it does depend on where you are.

In the UK (where I’m based), iOS web traffic still is winning 60-40 to Android.

In the USA, it’s more 55-45 to iOS.

In France, it’s about 50-50.

However, in India, Spain, Italy, and Germany, Android wins hands down over iOS.

This tells us that when targeting a specific operating system’s browser we should consider our target country’s likely split of users.

Bear in mind also, that sometimes knowing the country’s web traffic share of each OS is not enough. We should also consider our target market – e.g. if you’re targeting financials, then it’s quite likely that you’ll see a higher percentage of Blackberry users appearing than in the general consumer market.


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